Accusing any widely accepted theory of having been motivated to fool people is not a position we choose. However, Lincoln’s quote does make us believe that anything deviating from truth must have its day in which its erroneous nature is unveiled. Therefore, we do choose a position to encourage closer scrutiny on many of them.

How genuinely do we human beings love truth?

Will truth only stay at where interests can be derived?

Rules for Awarding in the Debate

About RELATIVITY's Validity/invalidity


Aug 1, 2016  ©


1. Anyone is welcome to contribute an article anytime to refute Cameron Rebigsol’s article Relativity Is Self-defeated (1 of 3)―in Terms of Mathematics.  There would be no cost to the contributor.  In all the following paragraphs, the term web master and Rebigsol refer to the same author and are interchangeable.

2. The only requirement for a paper to win the award is to prove with equations that the following claim from Cameron Rebigsol in the article Relativity Is Self-defeated (1 of 3)―in Terms of Mathematics is unfound and thus invalid.  The claim in concern from Rebigsol is that  Special relativity has forced itself to come to a conclusion that the speed of light is zero.

3. There would be a total sum of $100,000 covering several awards that are distributed in the following manner:

  1. After the first paper is accepted as a winning paper, there would be a four month waiting period. If no one else can send in a winning paper, the entire sum of $100,000 would be released to the only winner. 
  2. In the same four month waiting period, if a second paper comes in as a winning paper, the first paper will receive $70,000 while the second one will receive $30,000.
  3. If a third paper comes in as a winning paper during the four month waiting period, the first paper will receive $70,000, the second paper will receive $25,000 and the third one will receive $5,000.  Except these three papers, no more paper will be awarded even if its argument appears with winning potential.

4. A  winner is given 7 days to decide to accept or decline the award.  A disagreement from the winner against the publishing of his/her true name will be regarded the same as declining the award.  If a winner declines the award, the winner who appears later but during the four month waiting period will move up to fill the vacancy of the self- relinquishing winner.

5. The award will be released within 30 days of a winner’s written acceptance (Acceptance by email is allowed).  The award recipient must be liable to all tax consequence caused by the acceptance of the award, the remittance cost, and cost of currency conversion.  Rebigsol will not be liable to any of the tax consequence or cost to any extend.

6. The award is distributed per paper, not per person.  The paper contributor must guarantee that he/she is the original creator and solely owns 100% of the copyright.  If a contributor is submitting the material in behalf of a group in which he/she is part of it, he/she must provide Rebigsol with related information and written permission from the group.  In any case, the contributor must be 100% liable to any legal consequence caused by copyright infringement arisen from his/her wrongful submission. This web master  reserves the right to remove any article that is found containing copyright infringement from displaying in this site without any fore warning. Copyright infringement can be a reason to cancel the award before the award is released.

7. In this rule statement, the term "paper" and "article" are used indistinguishably.

8. The above rules may be modified and the modification may come into effect at any time without further notice, while the amount of awards must remain unchanged.   At where this rule statement is found conflicting with the general rules set for this web sitte, the general rules take over.

9. For an article to refute Rebigsol’s Relativity Is Self-defeated (1 of 3)―in Terms of Mathematics, here are the editing guidelines.

a)  Each paper must include a title, immediately below which is a symbol of copyright  ©  with year and the contributor's name.  The name must be in format of first name and last name other than username.  Pseudonym is acceptable. However, contributor’s true name must be used and published as a winner claiming the award.  No other personal status is required to be displayed on the paper.  

b) All printing of the entire article is in font of Times New Roman of size no less than 12.  The printing of the title is of size no less than 14.

c) The page setup for the content is in letter size, with margins no less than 1 inch all around.

d) The entire paper must be limited in no more than 7 pages (Rebigsol's Relativity Is Self-defeated (1 of 3)―in Terms of Mathematics has 6 pages).  If a contributor must choose to include references and bibliography in the paper, he/she can do so, but all content together cannot exceed the 7-page limit.  

e) All equations must be numbered.

f) The article must be submitted in PDF file, unless it is published somewhere else [see (12) below].   

10) There would be no deadline for paper submission, but this web master may also terminate this offer anytime it sees proper.  The termination will be openly announced on the website All papers submitted before such announcement of termination will be honored for the award purpose. 

11) Once a paper is posted, it will be placed under public review, so anyone else can make comment on it.

12) Anyone intends to contribute a paper to claim the award, please contact this web master by clicking the “Contact Us” button in the menu bar to notify this web master, then he will be informed where to send his paper and have it published; or anyone can have his refutation paper published anywhere other than our site and notify us where to find his paper and ask us to honor our award offering.  The procedure herein specified is not devised to make the award contribution procedure difficult.  We previously set up a blog for people to send in papers freely, then, some wicket people just stuffed our blog with spams in amount beyond what we can handle.  We need the excuse from our visitors for the inconvenience. However, we certainly gladly consider any suggestion how to improve this contribution procedure.