Accusing any widely accepted theory of having been motivated to fool people is not a position we choose. However, Lincoln’s quote does make us believe that anything deviating from truth must have its day in which its erroneous nature is unveiled. Therefore, we do choose a position to encourage closer scrutiny on many of them.

Instant $50,000 Award for a Law Document

That Endows Evolution

with Privileges over Christianity in the USA

This website, huntune.nethereby posts this instant cash award of $50,000  for the purchase of a copy of the following document to the person who is the first one to deliver to us said copy:

  1. This document has clear statement claiming that the political nature of the United States of America is of atheism; therefore,
  2. at where the contradiction between an atheistic interest and a theistic interest becomes irreconcilable,   government’s protection must be given in a way so that the atheistic interest can prevail;
  3. a document with a power that emphasizes the political nature of a nation is of course a document that possesses the authority of a constitution.  In America, this would mean a document established by the Congress, but absolutely NOT THE COURT, ANY COURT.


Warning He who delivered  the First Amendment  to us  with the hope to claim this $50,0oo  award is advised here that this document will fail him.     Reasons?

  1. So far as ideology is concerned, that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” does not guarantee the political nature of the country at all.
  2. “An establishment of religion” is not in any sense the entire religion itself, just like a citizen of America is not in any sense the entire America.
  3. The theory of evolution is a belief, an atheistic belief.  Nowhere in our Constitution can a statement be found saying that atheistic belief must be privileged with government protection over theistic belief.
  4. By clearing Christianity teaching from the classrooms but installing evolution with the preaching privilege in the teaching podium, the US court system just simply converts each public school into “an establishment of (atheistic) religion”.   
  5. So, by the same action, the US court system just forces students, including their parents, of course, to accept a law respecting an atheistic religion, far beyond and above the concept an establishment of religion confined by the 1st Amendment.  A law so forced on by the courts is not even shown written in any Congressional document, but just arbitrarily created and applied by the court's will.  In other words, the Court has inflated itself with powers that cannot be found in the Constitution.  (Can people view this action of the courts as power usurpation?)


Note 1: To any one asserting that evolution is not a belief but a science supported by fact/evidence, please explain as well as show his fact and evidence for this: If human beings are descendants of some primates coming down from the treetops, from where did the ancestors of these early primates begin their appearance on the treetops?

Note 2:  Even entitling a term called science, any thinking process so entitled is still a belief.  Science is just one of many forms of establishing belief in human civilization, which then can never be immunized from other's scrutiny.   In today's understanding, do we find anything that can enjoy more "scientific" authority than Einstein's relativity?   Sadly to the atheism/secularism promotors, relativity's scientific authority is built on belief, and a fallacious belief through and through, so fallacious that it even destroys itself with its own logic and calculation.  Continuous preaching and making believing on this theory are no more typically telling people that science can equate itself with a relgion, but a religion with a god on Earth. The superstition to relativity just mirrors to us that atheism is a religious system but with one or multiple gods on earth.    

Anyone who can deliver the document we seek can do the following to claim the award: Notify the existence of said document with valid source where to find it via the Contact Us button shown in the top menu bar and request the payment.

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