Aether, the Mother of All Forces in Nature

     A theory that can unify all the fields and all the forces associated with these fields in physical study has been pursued for centuries. Finally, it is hunted down and witnessed by a down-to-Earth experiment. The secret hides behind a material that ancient Greek called Aether, which has been made nearly a wrong thing to be accepted by us because of the theory of relativity. Now, at the exposure of the self-refuted nature of relativity, this website has the opportunity to rediscover this jewel in unifying all forces in physics. The following links would lead to one single article but in four separate parts, showing how Aether can seamlessly unify all forces we found in nature: the gravitational force, electric and magnetic force, nuclear force, regardless of whether the force shows attractive behavior or repellent behavior. 

Aether, the Mother of all Forces in Nature―(1) the Gravitational Force  (PDF only)

Aether, the Mother of all Forces in Nature―(2) the Electromagnetic Force  (PDF only)

Aether, the Mother of all Forces in Nature―(3) the Nuclear Force, the Strong and the Weak (under construction)

Aether, the Mother of all Forces in Nature―(4) Certainty and Possibility (under construction)