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This site, huntune.net, has only one purpose: To analyze what has been so outrageously devastating America and what needs to be done for her to rebound and regain her glory.   The analysis wades in both the fields of natural laws and social laws, particularly the U. S. Constitution. Americans have been lied to by all kinds of anti-American factions for too long, but America and her people deserve all the truths, nothing but only the truth.

Below is some points of view regarding what have encouraged the publishing of this website.   Any visitor who feels a restricted time budget can skip it but go directly to each article or video listed in the home page for some more in depth discussion.




Anyone, whether wishing America well or ill, must have been confronted with the fact that America is under attack. The attack is launched by hostile forces from both the domestic front and foreign front. Extremely unfortunate to this country, both forces succeed, and America is made conceding rapidly. The conceding has been so severe that she is often seen by domestic spectators as being trotting at a suicidal verge and seen by foreign spectators as struggling for her last few gasp.

Never in history has America been seen as an easy meal like today by so many foreign vultures of various power, such as Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Mexico, or even some small militia warlord like N. Korea, various Islamic groups like al-Qaeda, ISIS, drug dealers, all kinds of illegal immigrants, accompanied with terrorist act or not.   It is for sure that they all peck at different parts of this country when preying, and that the pecking would only accelerate until either no part is spared or America wakes up and roars again.   Vultures’ sense usually leads them to circulate a prey that they spot as dying but on its last few gasps.   In the eye of those international vultures, America has shown sign of incurable osteoporosis in all her frameworks. A dream of devouring a luxurious feast in frenzy is so irresistibly luring to them!  

Facing the long list of foreign hostile powers threatening America, shouldn’t Americans ask themselves one question: what has caused the osteoporosis pores so profusely developed within the American frameworks as to incite so much wicked attention from those foreign beasts? Who is doing the inside job?

To answer this question, we first need to ask what has enabled America to accomplish all those great achievements that are unprecedented in human history. The only answer one can find is the U.S. CONSTITUTION, which is unprecedented in human history as well. If the Constitution is trashed, this country must also be trashed! Indeed, this country has been seen partially trashed, and it is precisely because her Constitution has been partially trashed. Trashing the Constitution is the exact inside job causing the osteoporosis pores so profusely developed in America’s frameworks. Leading to this wave of trashing is no one else but those who label themselves as liberals, who, ironically, veil themselves under the banner of defending the Constitution while madly trashing it.

The liberals must protest what we say above. They can protest all they want, but can they withstand fact checking?   It may be difficult to give a good definition to the term of conservative, but it is sure easy to identify the liberals.   All so called liberals cannot resign themselves from at least the following political characteristics:

  1. They enforce their own set of laws that are not found in the Constitution. This set of laws typically consists of some slogan-like claims such as human right, freedom, democracy, civil right, anti-discrimination; under all of these they also have sharing, income equality, fairness, equal protection, american dreams… None of these laws is restrictedly written, defined, or formalized anywhere in our law books. Simply, can anyone find the definition about what racism is in any law book? Therefore, with their set of undocumented laws, they can have extreme flexibility to dictate any political matter.  Indeed,  our Constitution is so often, more often than anything else, placed under their butching knife of dictatorship.    
  2. The liberals must mercilessly twist and contort the Constitution, in order to guarantee the above set of laws encountering no obstruction when applied. Typically, for example, they must equate “an establishment of religion” in the First Amendment with “religion” while these two concepts are absolutely not the same. Another example is that “no religious test shall ever be required’ in Article VI must be interpreted into “no religious test shall ever be tolerated”.
  3. While they fiercely promote their laws unfound in the Constitution, they must forbid anyone else to promote anything that is indeed in the Constitution but not directly referred to with word.  The most typical controversy they put up is about the word “Christianity”.   “No word ‘Christianity’ or ‘God’ is found in the Constitution,” they say, “therefore, America must be an atheistic nation.” However, for something truly unfound in the Constitution, such as democracy, sharing, welfare program, food coupons, human right, American dream…they must tell everyone to take these ideas for granted.
  4. All liberals are atheists or/and secularists. Frankly, believing in atheism is not their genuine nature; their genuine nature is to find the best reason to wring dry the Christianity essence from the U. S. Constitution and thus paralyze the Constitution. They know too well that Christianity is the soul of the U.S. Constitution.   Do the liberals have any sincerity toward atheism? Not a bit! They have their own religion. In this religion, creationism is advocated, and some being conducting such creationism is blindly worshiped by them. Anyone who wants to define their religion does not have to go far but just take a peek at their Big Bang theory and Darwin’s evolution theory. Both theories rejects Christianity but advocate something to have been created from NOTHING. The promotion of this belief relies on some endless compilation of assertions that must be self-defeated. Their promotion causes the society to have invested unmeasurable amount of money in order for the liberals to maintain their realm of blind superstition. Their belief is seen as superstition because too frequently they are so willing to sacrifice their utmost fundamental “principle”, such as Einstein’s relativity, to cover up their logic failure. So, the Big Bang promoters would tell you that anything can move at any speed at the “edge” of the universe; Einstein’s speed limit of light no longer matters. Meanwhile they must tell you that the mathematical validity of their theory relies on relativity. Sadly, beyond what they can accept, relativity itself is self-defeated in logic and in mathematical operation.
  5. All liberals are hypocritical. Typically, at where they feel their liberty of speech is encroached but they are not yet powerful enough, they would demand the liberty for them―in the name of “liberty of speech for all”. At where they feel powerful enough, they must sternly remove the liberty of speech from anyone who dares to say, or not say, anything to make them feel uncomfortable. That power shifting has greatly favored the liberals today is the reason why Christians in modern life must face persecution after persecution from them in America. People have learnt too many instants that some Christian owned businesses are forced to publish anti-Christian declaration otherwise such businesses must be closed. The First Amendment is brutally torn apart by the liberals, who always hysterically declare they, and only they, are the most faithful vanguard of this Amendment―sure, if the Amendment is made to serve them only.
  6. To secure their privilege, they all demand to have the Christians to be kicked out of the public schools. Do they really want to have a secular education system as what they portray themselves pursuing? No! One can easily spot their fallacious attitude and thus their true intention. Their “secular” demand spearheads only toward Christianity.   Toward any non-Christian belief, they often declare “we welcome any religion to this country”. However, when encountering Christianity, their welcoming instantly turns into hostility with statement like “we do not allow theocracy in this country”. Why do they do this?   Simply for two reasons: (a) They need a united front against Christianity, thus any non-Christian belief meets their need, (b) they just want to remove all moral standards from all the future successors of this country so that their power usurpation can be facilitated.   It is not the deity image of God from Christianity that devastates the liberals; it is the moral standards from this teaching that devastates the liberals. Thomas Jefferson said: Jesus’ teaching provides “the most sublimate and benevolent codes of morals, which has ever been offered to man”.
  7. All liberals cannot separate themselves from socialist pursuance. Anti-Christianity is an exact twin of socialism, whose atheistic sentiment hates Christianity far more than any belief else. All their slogans such as “income equality”, “fairness”, “democracy” are products of some socialist printing machines made in capitalist society. Surprised? Don’t be! After the liberals get their socialist society established, anyone who dares to mention these few slogans will be sent to jail or even death row.
  8. After all, liberalists must place individualism and short term interest over a nation’s long term interest, abruptly turning off the teaching “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.    

Not all liberals are so power fanatical and heartless to his country, but all power fanatical conspirators against America must be relentless promoting liberalism. Only so promoting can these conspirators entice people to pursue a socialist society they dream of day and night. These conspirators fantacize that a society of socialism will enable them to enjoy a position of absolute power. As such, liberals, whether being intentional or not, in meeting the need of these conspirators, have brought serious damage to this country, which is a typical capital society, which in turn must rely on uncompromised moral standards for its healthy operation. Capitalism must corrupt itself without the close escort of good moral. This website will present separate argument regarding the relationship between capitalism and moral.

Here we would like to present this circular chain of political links for our visitors’ examination:

Link one : the U.S. Constitution destines America being a capitalist country, meanwhile mandates it to be spiritually escorted by Christianity;

Link two : the continuation of the Constitution needs the protection from the American government, and this is so stipulated in the U. S. Supreme Law;  

Link three : the U. S. government can provide the Constitution with protection it deserves only if its employees’ mind is nurtured by the teaching that the Constitution warrants;

Link four : these employees can have their minds properly nurtured only if they get out of the schools that would teach them what matches the Constitution demands; and these employees get the support they deserve only from the population that has received the same education;

Link five : when the government employees and their supporters of every generation realize how the Constitution has benefited them and their country, they must demand how this Constitution should be genuinely protected, carried on and continued without deviation.

Link six : same as link one.

If any link in this circular chain is broken, America as what the Founding Fathers saw and expected must slip away.   Among all these links, link four is the most vulnerable one. Sadly, it has been broken, by the inside job of the liberals. To regain America, this link must be regained. Who can fight to regain it?

Americans, American patriots, American Christians, you, and only you!