Abortion, or Anti-abortion?

Donald Trump is right. There is no such thing as political correctness.   Categorizing social members as right wingers, lefties, conservatives, liberals…are along the line of political-correct thinking. In America, ideas and behavior from matured citizens who are sane can only be categorized in two: constitutional or unconstitutional.  Here is an example how unreliable and even mistaken to group people as conservatives or liberals by their attitude towards abortion.

Currently, people are called conservatives if they oppose abortion, but those supporting abortion are called liberals. So dramatically contrasting to this, however, in the beginning of the 20th century, it was those who abided by traditional value to demand the practice of abortion, but the then liberals demanded the prohibition of abortion. The reason for those who demanded abortion was that unwanted fetus were most frequently resulted by sinful sexual action; while the reason for those who objected abortion was that bastards had right to live, too.  

Why do people who are defined with the same political terms shift their stands so dramatically? Political correctness is the reason! When they take either stand, no consideration of Constituting is ever taken into their account.  

To the liberals, moral is never an issue, but only opportunity.   When the older generation of their camp insisted that bastards had right to live, what they actually intended to protect in mind was some “right” of sexual enjoyment outside of marriage. Of course, two by-products out of this bastard protection agenda was also critical to their pursuance: (1) the mask of justice of life protection, (2) the bastards so kept would increase the population of the liberal camps in the future―unfortunately their foresight has been so accurate. Today the population of their camp is no longer an issue, but enjoyment with or without responsibility is an issue. So, tossing aside the right-to-life of the bastard-to-be, they make the woman’s choice as their utmost priority. Today, a third by-product is even found and further motivates the liberals to trash the right-to-life of the bastard-to-be; selling fetus is a lucrative business!  

To the so called conservatives, their principle is to oppose whatever the other side advocates and promotes, regardless. So, “if the other side demands to legitimize abortion,” conjecture the conservatives, “it must be correct to forbid it.” Frankly, how a conservative should be defined is pretty confused. Is abiding by the US Constitution an act of liberal or conservative, lefty or right winger? Both sides claim they abide by the Constitution, so far. After filtering out many of the demands that the conservatives as a collective paste on the political spectrum, the most we can say is that they do commonly sharing one mentality, which is the more conscious and rational awareness of national spending. To suit that purpose, they usually aim at forming smaller government.  However, by opposing abortion, they just precisely disintegrate what they financially pursue for a nation.  

First of all, for absolutely most of the time, what leads someone to an abortion clinic is the product of some irresponsible sexual act. By opposing abortion, the nowadays conservative just extend the role of the liberals of the older generation to advocate “bastards have right to live.” In case a conservative happens to claim him/herself a Christian, what this person promotes for anti-abortion is exactly violating God’s teaching. Indeed, since Christianity is the spiritual essence of the US Constitution, violation of God’s teaching certainly is an act ignoring the Constitution.

Second, the consequence of indifferent opposition against abortion is merely some action forcing gene hoarding in the society without differentiation. The majority of those who need abortion are usually those of less creativity. To them, it can be foreseen as an unsurmountable responsibility if they have to maintain the bastard for 18 years but with something acceptable in a society shaped by people of higher creativity.  The fear of responsibility leads them to the abortion clinic. Forbidding them from so doing is to force them to keep and continue their blood line of less creativity. (A reminder here to the liberals: do not forget the theory you defend as a golden rule at all cost―evolution.)      This artificial biological procedure has created some American community in which 70% of the children have no father.  

Third, the rapidly multiplying population of bastards consumes a huge proportion of social creation in the form of social welfare, such as providing the “poor” mothers as well as their bastards with all kind of material and humanity support, food coupons, education.   The easy life thus brought in in turn further inspires more bastards to be created. Some “professional mothers” indeed have made dependence on making more bastards to continue a parasite living. The never ceased expansion of consumption caused by the multiplication of bastard reproduction must nullify any hope and effort that a small government would aim at and afford.  Then, sooner or later the society must come to a state to face either consequence: (1) the restricted social budget must be altered to fit the need escalated by the ever increasing team of bastards, (2) if the budget cannot be so altered, the society must make itself ready to welcome wave after wave of social unrest until it crumbles.  If the so called conservatives expect the then grown up bastards to side with their agenda of smaller government and thus leaner welfare programs, their time would have been more meaningfully spent if they had done nothing else but just decorated their own coffins. 

Statistics shows that the so called conservatives are usually a group of people who financially do better. Financially doing better usually requires higher creativity. To maintain their better living standard, this group of people overall follows a more stringent guideline of birth control.   Then they unfortunately reinforce the suffering that a society must experience as mentioned above. As far as the entire society as one entity is concerned, the gene hoarding process that the conservatives relentlessly advance decimates the social component of better creativity but meanwhile beefs up the component of lower creativity.  So, it is ease for us to conclude that pro-choice or pro-life are equally merciless to have brought damaging to the nation; both sides bankrupt the nation in both the financial front and moral front. Without clarifying the mistaken mentality of both sides, this nation can only be doomed, sooner or later. A nation can go as far as only the future successors would lead to.

After all, has anyone found any statement from the US Constitution regarding abortion or anti-abortion? None! So, on this matter, only the human soul can give better answer and solution. However, what kind of human soul can be taken for granted as a better soul? At this point, as far as America is concerned, we can only say that the better soul, or even the best soul, is the soul nurtured by a teaching that our Constitution declares to defend, and mandates the government to defend. This teaching is Christianity. Without the genuine understanding and respect to the Constitution, Christianity cannot enjoy the true throne in people’s mind to guide them to do what benefits the society. Then people can only guide themselves with political correctness, creating more and more social conflicts. Far before the nation crumbles, haven’t we seen today that the so called conservatives crumble themselves one front line after another front line? The true reason is that the conservatives do not genuinely defend Constitution but their own version of political correctness and synchronize their mentality with the political correctness.

There are many political lines across which the liberals and conservatives migrate to the other side as time progresses. We will leave these topics for more future discussion.   Again, there is no political correctness or incorrectness; there is only constitutional idea/behavior or unconstitutional idea/behavior.