Pillars of Creation

―Potential living fossil against Big Bang

 © 2015Cameron Rebigsol

The photo of “Pillars of Creation” shows two groups of cloud that are separated from each other.(Fig 01)



There are some thinner filaments occupying the void between these two groups of clouds. However, these filaments display more connection with the upper group with increasing density toward it while also display more abrupt disassociation with the lower group. So trailing toward the upper group, these filaments strongly suggest that the upper group is some running away materials from the lower group, which is then serving as some idle “parent” supplying the materials for the running away. Indeed, such a "parent" cloud does exist. (Fig. 02)



The running away does not appear as a result of some strong explosion spewed from the parent cloud, because no high population of droplets in an isotropic array of rays about any center point is found. If not explosion, dragging is potentially the only force that can cause the running away. To produce such dragging, it needs some high speed moving objects to have penetrated the parent cloud from bottom up in matching the orientation of our picture. (Fig 03)


This can further lead to a speculation that the parent cloud should have existed before the high speed moving objects arrived.   This speculation of course cannot tolerate each other with the idea of Big Bang, which would advocate that any idle cloud can exist only after objects of high movement disappear and settle locally.   

To further witness the dragging that causes the running away are many ripples (Fig. 04) left behind by dynamical action and many marks of tearing apart both between the pillars and the parent cloud and within the pillars. (Fig. 05)