How the Big Bang Theory Must End Itslef 

The Big Bang Theory claims that the entire universe came out to exist from an explosion of an entity called Singularity.  Holders of different version of such theory would reckon a different time duration for the explosion to have completed, but they all are extremely short, though, over all, less than one second. 

Then, here comes the catch.  According to all these Big Bang theorizers, materials produced by the explosion would fly away from each other in an isotropic manner at extremely high speeds. Naturally, there must be some materials that can be regarded as the last batches after the explosion completed.  Then, following these last batches, only emptiness can be found.  Subsequently, all these last batches of materials must envelop an absolute void.  The longer the materials flew and the higher speed they ever moved with, the bigger such a void must have been embraced by them.

Now, 13.5 billion years ( a figure commonly acceppted by the theorizers) after the explosion, the void in our concern must have been inconceivably huge.  But, where is it?

To eliminate this void, some source must continue to spew out materials to fill the void in a well moderated rate.  But has anyone detected this source?  If he does, it means Big Bang has never yet ended its explosion but still continues to day.

The Big Bang Theory promoters and lovers, please repair your theory!!!