Formation of the Solar System

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The solar system is not given birth by a single spinning cloud disk as what we have been told for some two centuries. It was the outcome of the collision of many giant clouds sent over here in a chaotic state by the same reason that Mother Nature has formulated her Hubble's Law.  This article Formation of the Solar System(PDF) is to reveal how she unraveled all the chaotic elements into few tidy phenomena through a few of simple physical laws.  Now, let’s substantially reduce our puzzle why  

  1. The solar system’s spinning direction about the Sun is opposite to the spinning direction of the Milky Way about its galactic center.
  2. All planets, including the Earth’s Moon and the asteroid belt as an entire group, must have the same spinning direction as their orbital direction, a counterclockwise direction if looked from the north side of the ecliptic.
  3. While the orbital plane of each of the above heavenly body lies closely about the ecliptic, their spinning axes can tilt widely different from each other. Two of them like Venus and Uranus even have retrograde spinning.
  4. Separated by the asteroid belt, on one side of this belt is a group of planets whose material composition and appearance are widely different from that are found on the other side.  Why must they be so separated by a loose ring of rocky powder?
  5. Both the Sun and Earth show phenomenon of magnetic polarity reversal.  However, the Earth’s reversal never shows with ridged period and the “period” may take from many thousands to many hundred thousands of years, while the Sun’s reversal appears highly regulated and the period is far shorter, about 23 years for one complete recovery.
  6. While the Venus and Earths are compatibly resemble to each other in many ways, the terrestrial crust of Venus is dominated by profuse volcanoes while the crust of Earth is divided by “rings of fire”.
  7. Surrounded by all the rings of fire are land mass called tectonic plates.  How have the embryos of these plates been brought into shape?
  8. The Earth’s Moon must faithfully face Earth with one side, which shows high area of maria.  The slowly drifting away of the Moon from Earth must mean it had a history of very close to Earth in distance.  As a matter of fact, it inevitably did!
  9. The phenomena mentioned in 8 above is a by-product of a historical event that has resulted in the highest mass density for Earth among all the planets.
  10.  All atmospheric blanket of the gaseous planets show bands of different shades in color, while these bands are usually dominated with features of violent cyclones.  
  11.  The Jupiter is found with a feature of Great Red Spot, which seems gliding back and forth at the same latitude in our view.
  12.  Apparently a spinning fluidic body, the Sun presents to us as one perfect spherical volume with differential rotation.

Above all, the Milky Way is found to be a salad bowl containing heavenly bodies as old as 13.5 billion years in age and something like our solar system that is believed to be about 4.6 billion of years young, not to mention that something far younger is also found.

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