Why Are We so Led by Relativity? 

See if you can figure out the following simple puzzle led by the concept of length contraction advocated by relativity.

An observer riding at the origin of frame L, sees frame L' passing by in parallel to L at speed v.  At t=0, he sees the zero point of L' directly in front of him, then at t=1 second, he found this zero point coinciding with the coordinate of 0.8 light-sec marked on his L frame.  He concludes, of course, v=0.8c.  At the same instant of t=1 second, relativity's length contraction enables the cordinat of 1.33333...light-second on the L' to be seen directly in front of him because of the following equation from relativity:



Now seeing the coordinates on L' lapsing from 0 to 1.333333 light~sec in one second, he concludes that L' is passing by him at speed of 1.33333...c. All timing is recorded from the same one clock next to him in his entire measurement. 

Could you help this observer to determine which speed is more correct from his measurement, 0.8c or 1.33333...c

Wondering? Do not feel frustrated.  You are not mistaken, but only that a theory you have been told to trusted for so long is just self-refuted.   Here comes the plain and easy evidence.  Please click Speed of Light c=0, so "Proven" by Relativity.